Best Louisville Engagement Session Locations

Best Louisville Engagement Session Locations 1000 600 Mee Photo

Best Louisville Engagement Session Locations

Mee Photo has been photographing newly engaged couples since 2011 and we are sharing the 3 Best Louisville Engagement Session Locations! Louisville, Kentucky has a multitude of picture-worthy spots to photograph your engagement session but we think we have the inside scoop to some of Louisville’s best-hidden gems.

1. Blackacre Conservancy

Blackacre Conservancy is a great spot for couples looking for a rustic location in Louisville, Kentucky. This location has a lot to offer for your engagement photographer. Features include a historic house, barn, fields, a pond, and tree covered walkways. Oh, and of course goats and horses. Blackacre Conservancy is a popular spot among and is typically full of young and aspiring photographers. This location is also available for weddings, so be sure to check with the property before scheduling your session!

2. Downtown Louisville

First on our list of Best Louisville Engagement Session Locations is Downtown Louisville! Downtown Louisville never disappoints with historic brick buildings, murals, and cute coffee shops. Downtown Louisville has a variety of backdrops for your engagement photographer to choose from. Looking for a location that showcases architecture and has a sophisticated or trendy style? Downtown Louisville might be the perfect spot for your Louisville engagement session.

3. Anchorage Park

Last but certainly not least on our list for Louisville’s Best Engagement Session Locations is Anchorage Park! Located in Anchorage, this park is one of Louisville’s best spots for photography. The park is large and includes trails throughout the area. Walking around you will find multiple bridges, tree-covered walkways, fields, massive vine-covered trees, architecture, gardens, and a small river-side amphitheater. The diverse features that Anchorage Park offers are why this spot is our first choice!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When selecting your location for your engagement photos, it’s important to remember that not every location fits every couple. Chat with your wedding photographer for their advice about engagement session locations. We encourage couples to select locations that match their style and what they love to do! Maybe photographing an in-home session is more your speed. Or perhaps there is a local coffee shop or neighborhood park that you love. Make your engagement session specific to what you love and you will not be disappointed!